Happy Valentine’s Day!

So it’s that time of year! Love is in the air, couples are overly affectionate, and the single people… are well… single. But contrary to popular belief, single people can still have fun. Sure Valentine’s day is all about love, but since … Continue reading

A Day In My Life: Morgana

My name’s Morgana, and although I go to a boarding school, I’m a day student. The year I started high school was the same year my older brother left for college, and my mother just couldn’t handle losing us both the same year. Although I’m a sophomore, I quite enjoy being a day student—it has it’s perks. Plus, in December I’ll be able to get my license! So that’s definitely an advantage.

I usually start my day off by waking up at 7:00, throwing in my contacts, setting up my morning playlist, and hopping in the shower. I don’t usually eat breakfast (I know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day blah blah blah…). If I have time though I’ll grab a banana and eat it in the car. That’s if my mom refuses to let me drive to school. I’ll be taking my driver’s test in December so I need to rack up all the experience I can get! Therefore, food can wait.

I arrive at school around at 8 to 8:10, which is plenty of time to get my books ready before classes start at 8:30. Yes, I’m that one kid that feels the need to carry a briefcase to school. Not to be hipster… ahahah I actually have this admiration for briefcases in which I’ll go to thrift stores and just kind of collect them.

Classes are pretty normal, I have them everyday, so nothing special. My favorite class is photography. Art classes are always the best classes to me. It’s so much easier being creative then reading out of a textbook. Although classes are pretty much the same, the real fun comes during the free periods! In which I’ll usually sit in the day student room with my friend Emma watching Teen Wolf. It’s our new obsession, but after every show we always find a new one to start. American Horror Story recently came back so we just started that. If i haven’t mentioned, I’m kind of in love with Evan Peters. Well more his character Tate Langdon… and actually every other character he plays in AHS… but mostly Tate.

After school finishes at 3:10, we have sports from 3:30 to 5:00. I’m not the best at sports… and as I’ve mentioned I’m more of an Arts person, therefore I dance. Dance is something I love and have been doing since I was 11. I also take part in my schools Dance Ensemble (which is basically a dance team but my teacher hates calling it that, due to the fact that it makes us sound like some snobby students on dance moms). Our recent Dance Ensemble adventure is one in which we will be going to China this upcoming month! I’m pretty excited, considering the last time I went I was about 2 and can’t remember much of anything. We’re going to put on this 20 minute piece filled with dancing and singing. Hopefully I get through it, so wish me luck! :)