“What do I say on my interview?”

Too often, when consulting a boarding school’s application process, I would hear the question, “What do I say on my interview?” Some prospective students who are particularly anxious will ask, “Is there anything I should say that will make the admissions officers like … Continue reading

Dealing With Disappointment

High School is a time to try new things. It’s a time to be adventurous, go out of your comfort zone, and find other activities you really enjoy. However, we all have that sport or activity that we can all … Continue reading

Morgana’s Favorite: Vine

Morning fellow readers! This week I decided to do my favorite app/social media/website. I have recently found a new obsession… Vine. I can’t seem to stop watching those addictive little 6 second videos! If you haven’t seen any Vines… it … Continue reading