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  5. I’m writing a book about students who go to a performing arts boarding school. I was wondering if you guys know anything about specifically performing arts boarding schools? If not, I still would love to know any useful tidbits of knowledge regarding life as a boarder. For instance, what are the best/worst parts of being a boarder?
    Thanks so much!
    By the way, I love this blog! I’m so happy I stumbled upon it :)

  6. Hi I’m Rebecca and i found your blog today. I’m in year 7 in the uk in southfield school for girls. I love it there but i dont think its me i dont have any real friends and i really want to go to this bording school in somerset and it looks flawless it also has a equestrian center wich is a bonus for me but the only problem is my little brother he is 11 and has been diagnosed with severe autism since he was 2 and its so hard and my other problem is i dont they will except me i think i should go in year 8 but im just scared about what mum says.

    • Dear Rebecca,

      Leaving home and convincing your parents is always tough. One article I do recommend you look at is “Convincing Your Parents,” and “Keeping Up With Your Friends Back Home” that we have published here on the blog. However, everyones situations are different. You definitely have to look and decide what is right for you. While family, friends, and circumstances definitely play a part and influence your decision, it is ultimately up to you and what you think is best for you as a person and student. I would definitely talk to my parents, but make sure that when you do you have definitive points on why you think boarding school is the right choice for you and will ultimately benefit in the long run. They are your parents and will want to see you succeed, just make sure you communicate to them why this is the right decision for you. I hope this helps!

      – Morgana Van Peebles

  7. Hi, my name is Jasmine and I just found your blog today. For the past 8 months (I counted) I’ve been thinking about asking to attend boarding school. I live in the UK and next year I will be picking GCSE’s. My school has good teachers and facilitys, but the majority of the other students are a nightmare. I’ve been singled out for not wearing make-up, not liking boy-bands and just being me in general (I’m a bit of a tom-boy). I go to an all girl’s grammar (place for smart kids, allegedly) school, yet I wonder if I’m actually the right school. I mean, someone thought there were trains in the Saxon era?! I think going to a boarding school would help me become better socially as well as academically, as I’ve discovered I’m more relaxed and likely to make friends in a situation where I’m with people for a long period of time (school residential trip, came away with new allies). My parents, how ever, aren’t so keen. My mum went to a boarding school in the 70’s, she was sent when she was nine(!) because my grand-parents travelled for work and she loathed almost every second of it. She’s worried that I’d get bullied like at my current school, and they won’t be able to do anything and I’ll get homesick. This I completely understand, she’s my mum. My dad doesn’t want me to go due to cost, this I also understand. We’re in the inbetween gap: we don’t qualify for a bursary, but we can’t quite afford. I’ve missed the scholarship and entrance exams to the school I’ve been interested in. It’s about an hour from our house, so it’s close enough to visit, and they do pick-ups from the next town, so I could go as a day student and get the bus. I can still do the exams, just by myself. But I understand my dad’s concern. WHenever I try to talk to them, my voice goes, I can’t bring up the conversation or I forget everything I learnt for the conversation. So I need to get over the talking stage. My cousins went to boarding school, they came out with straight A’s and are happy I want to go and are helping with my mum, it’s just my parents who need persuading. Please, help!

    • Hello Jasmine!
      Your situation is actually one that is very common among students considering boarding school. I do recommend reading “Convincing Your Parents,” that we have published here on the blog. But I do hope this helps:
      When it came to me and my parents, I always found it hard bringing up the conversation and talking about it. One thing that greatly helps, although some might think a bit ridiculous, is to prepare a presentation. Sometimes it’s hard to find the words or reasons why you want to go when you’re put on the spot with your parents; honestly, preparing talking points and visual aids DO HELP. I prepared a mini presentation when talking to my parents, however, I kept it super casual and informal. I printed out cost of the school, list of academic courses, extracurriculars, etc. as well as pulling up photos of the campus, and even outlined the points I wanted to hit and lead the conversation. At the end all my materials created a little packet that I flipped through with my parents talking about each aspect about why I wanted to go, the courses, and how I would academically and socially thrive in the environment. The next step is setting up an actual tour and getting your parents to go and talk to the faculty and members in the community. I hope these tips help, and again please comment if you have any more questions!

      – Morgana Van Peebles

  8. Oh my goodness, its Bianca again :D I wish i could go back and fix some of my spelling errors (such “fare” -__- ) I’m one of those people that will keep staring at it due to it being so bothersome for me haha! So excuse them please :) okay bye!

  9. Hello ladies! :) I know I might be a little late to jump on the wagon but I just discovered your blog today. Oh and before I begin, I wshould give you a fare warning that this might turn into somewhat a short essay..sorry! :P Lately, I’ve been somewhat transfixed on the idea of possibly attending a private school. More specifically, a boarding school :) I attended the same charter school for my elementary and middle school years, and loved the idea of it being “public” yet completely independent from district curriculum! However, once it was time to move into high school, many of friends chose local public schools. At that time I was fearful of started anew with relationships since we had all grown up together. Long story short; I chose a public school (which surprisingly my parents completely supported, despite my dad not being a big fan of it haha) and though there isn’t anything wrong with it, I now wish for a much more hands on and personal academic experience. I’ve researched what I can on certain private schools, both in California and on the East coast. Still, I wished i could just level with my search on a more personal and real way. I was delighted to find your blog and find you girls to be honest and refreshing! Its been a day and I already love reading about your experiences :) I’ve known about Villanova and Ojai Valley (I’ve driven by and enjoy seeing their stables and archery plane!) as well as Cate. I’m glad you three have come from essentially somewhat different backgrounds and experiences because I would really appreciate your take on this. I would be so thankful if any of you could tell my why you chose Thacher out of the other options. I know that many of these schools in California are excellent, so what made Thacher stand out for you and, more importantly to your parents? I would really appreciate it if you give me a little more info on the school itself and what it offers on a personal academic level! Especially from you Elizabeth, considering you ultimately chose it coming in as an international student! :) Anyway, sorry for my rant haha. Its getting a bit colder so stay warm up there! :)

    -Bianca :D

    • Hey Bianca!

      I would love to give you a little insight on the school. So Thacher School is a highly selective, co-educational, independent boarding school located on 425 acres of hillside overlooking the Ojai Valley. Our 5 values are: Honor, fairness, kindness, and truth. The entire school body really embraces these values in all aspects. Considering that these values are ingrained into our school system, the community and study body welcomes all with open arms. I think that is what really attracted me to the school; the fact that the moment I arrived on campus, everyone I passed made sure to greet me, and when I looked lost, someone always made sure to direct to wherever I needed to be. Another one of Thacher’s qualities that I love is its goal of creating well-rounded students as opposed to simply academically driven students. Obviously the school is very academically rigorous and successful, but academics are most definitely not its single focus. The horse program is a great example of how the school pushes students in all aspects. All freshmen must ride for a year, you are allowed to participate in other sports as well, but riding is your number one priority sports wise. I went into my first school year at Thacher having never touched a horse before, but ended the year being able to lope, weave poles, and go on trail rides with my horse. Horse-riding is not the only skill you benefit from the program, I also learnt a whole lot about responsibility, and formed a long-lasting relationship with my horse. My freshmen riding experience perfectly represents how Thacher teaches not only in classes, but in all areas of life. Last but not least, I am being 100% honest when I say that Thacher is the single place that can grant you memories and experiences that you cannot find anywhere else. Those times when camping in the Sespe with dirty hair, self-cooked food, sweat-drenched clothes, your newfound friends, and a stupid grin on your face; times when you’re on your on a trail ride with a teacher and you’re overlooking the Ojai Valley while the sun is setting; times when you’re having a breakdown due to stress and your prefects come running to you with your favorite foods and an endless supply of hugs; times when you go to your headmaster’s house for cookies and a cup of tea; these are only a few cases of how Thacher creates one-and-only experiences, I can list many more, but hopefully, you get the point. I’m running late to a class so I’m not going to proofread this, please overlook the grammatical mistakes! I hope everything I said above makes you realize that Thacher is truly and very special place, not only for all three of us, but possibly for you too. Good luck with everything, and I hope you find the perfect school for you! Let us know if you have anymore questions.


  10. Hi! I’m about to be a sophomore at one of the many east-coast boarding schools, and would’ve loved a resource like this when I was initially looking at schools. I hope you guys keep this page active and continue to enjoy boarding school yourselves. Thanks!

    • Thank you for the support! I’m glad you find this helpful. And thank you! we definitely will, and I hope you do too! If there are any topics you find very prominent at a boarding school that we haven’t yet covered, go ahead and shoot us a message or just comment. Thanks again for your feedback!

      – Morgana

  11. Hi just be positive about this change in your life, the more nervous you get the more you’ll create negative thoughts about it assuming that it will be a bad experience, let go and just be confident that you’ll do fine, be happy:)

  12. Hi there!
    Okay, I feel a little silly doing this considering everyone else seems to be asking genuine stuff, but I’m kind of in the process of writing a book that’s set in a fictional American boarding school. I’ve never been to boarding school; I’m not even American, though I lived in the US for a short amount of time. I’ve been in over my head researching boarding schools. I kind of wanted some insight into what life there is like, if you could help me out.
    Here’s a couple questions that I need answered, if you don’t mind giving me the time. Some of them may sound a little silly.
    1. Is your boarding school co-educational? If so, what sort of rules are there regarding guys and girls?
    2. How often are you allowed to call parents or family? Is there a time during which you can call home, or do you just do it whenever?
    3. How many hours a day do you guys spend studying, not counting the amount of time spent in class? Do you get a lot of homework?
    4. How much free time do you get to do stuff like watch television or surf the net? Are you allowed to use laptops and mobile phones in your personal time?
    Thanks for taking the time! I have a load more questions, but I won’t bother you too much.

    • Ahahaha don’t! worry! All questions are welcome!
      And a book! That is so cool! I hope you’ll send us a copy when you’re finished! :)
      1. Yes are boarding school is co-ed, and unlike most boarding schools guys are not allowed in girls dorms or vice versa at any time. Each dorm has a common room that guys or girls may come into to work on a group project during studying hours (which is every school day from 7:30-9:30) Other times there is a time called “Open House” where one dorm will put on a theme and open their dorm to the whole school to come and look at their rooms and eat snacks etc.
      2. You’re allowed to call your parents anytime! You have free periods during the day, so it’s really just up to the student when they call their parents. Of course you can’t have your phone outside the dorm, but in the dorm you can call them, friends, and face time etc. however you want to contact them. As long as you’re not missing a class you’re fine.
      3. We do get a lot of homework but we are also a college prep school, and we have mandatory studying every week night from 7:30 to 9:30. But free periods are also usually spent studying as well. Depends on how you manage your time with work.
      4. Yes you can use laptops and any other electronics during your free periods, as long as you don’t take your phone outside the dorm. You’re allowed to use your laptop in classes and there is WIFI all over campus.

      Hope this helps!

      – The Boarders Blog

  13. Hi just wanted to know how do you like boarding school. Yesterday my daughter and I went to a meeting for boarding schools, I see that is a great opportunity but would like to know how others fill about it. My daughter which is in 7th grade, isn’t so sure. She would rather go to a regular high school, she would rather go away for college. I’m just researching and exploring our options for high school. Any comments from you and others will be great. Thank you

    • Personally we all love boarding school. It has been a great experience learning how to live on our own while still being in close contact with our parents. Boarding school is a great transition from middle school to college. It helps instill habits in you that you will use throughout college and the rest of your life. It also helps you become independent and prepares you for living on your own. However, boarding school isn’t for everyone. If your daughter is still just on the fence about it, it’s mostly because she hasn’t found the right boarding school yet. If she was completely against it then I would say that maybe boarding school is not for her. However, if I were you I would do some more research and find boarding schools that would really appeal to her hobbies and personality and where you would feel she would be the most comfortable; for example does she like big or small schools, east or west coast, etc. Hope this helps!
      – The Boarders Blog

  14. I’m just wondering: I’m in the middle of 7th grade and want to do boarding school for college to be more successful, learn responsibility, find out my interests, etc. My mom is so attached that if the schools here weren’t so good she would home school me. We are probably moving anyway, so I’m thinking: why not? But anyway, the question is: how do convince parents to let you go to boarding school?

    • This is a VERY common question. Not only did I go through this process, but many of my friends also had to find a way to get their parents’ on their side.I was also in the middle of 7th grade when I first began looking into boarding schools and convincing my parents. Although every family is different, I think I have some tips to help you out. First, researching always helps! You will be able to find different schools you might be interested in and better informed you are, the more you can tell your parents. I know for me, my parents were impressed by how much I knew and could tell them about schools, and it showed them how important this was to me. The more you know, the more facts you can use to try and convince them. Second, don’t nag or complain. (Not that you would). But it helps to open up a mature and controlled conversation say around the dinner table or in the car or what have you. Be sure to express to them how important it is and explain your thought process. Thirdly, let them know how beneficial it will be to your education. I mean, this might be a given, but parents always want to better their children’s education. Fourth, if you have one parent who is more resistant, try and convince the other. Once I had my mom on my side, she was able to persuade my dad in letting me go away. Having one parent being able to support you can definitely help sway the other. Lastly, visit the schools you are interested in! Do whatever you can because once my parents saw me talking to administrators and how exciting I was, they finally agreed. In additional, administrators and people in admissions offices can be really help showing your parents the pros to letting their child leave. Always try and keep in mind their point of view, and do what you can to have them see yours. This can be a long and difficult battle with your parents, but at the end of the day, they want what is best for you, and don’t want to let you go because they’ll miss you. I hope this helps! I’ll let Morgana and Elizabeth know, so many they can share with you any other pieces of advice in another comment. Good luck! xoxoEmma

    • I can definitely relate to you on this. I’m an international student, so wanting to move all the way to the states for boarding school was a wild thought. My mom and dad were not the happiest with this choice; however, I went ahead and applied anyways. Seeing how serious I was about attending boarding school, my parents decided to visit the schools with me. The thing is, if the school is truly great, your parents will love it and be more convinced. In my eyes, Thacher was and still is the perfect school for me. My parents could tell I’m suited for the school and loved it too. In the end, they allowed me to go despite the fact that they are attached. You have to remember that you can’t help for parents to be attached, you are their child after all. Work hard to pursue what you want to do. Eventually, your parents will see just how serious you are about your decision and learn that it’s not just a random thought. Then convince them to visit your dream schools. Hopefully, they love the school! If not then its probably for the better anyways. Hope this helped :) good luck!

  15. Hello, this is a question for Elizabeth. By the way, your blog is fantastic. Anyway, what was the application process like for you, considering you’re an international student.


    • First of all, I’m so glad you asked because being an international students really changes things a little bit. I didn’t have to do this because English is my first language, but some of my other friends did not have English as their first language and had to take the TOEFL. That added on more work to the application process. Also, the SSATs were more difficult for me just because the school system my old school had differed from the American school system; hence, there were several things in the test that we had not learned in school. That leads me to application essays. Please don’t portray yourself as anything but yourself, be 100% honest, because if you’re not a good fit for the school then you won’t be happy there. I only realized this after I’d written all my essays. When proofreading them, I was dumb founded at how much my essays did not reflect my actual personality; therefore, I restarted and wrote them all over again. In conclusion, being an international students does change certain things (less international students are accepted), but don’t let that stop you! Schools look for students who believe in students who are generally great at many aspects, academics isn’t the only factor. Hope this answers your question! If not, fire right back at me and I’ll be here at your service. Good luck with your applications!! xoxo -Elizabeth

  16. I have a question do you know any good boarding schools in London , Uk , and how much it might cost . I also want to know if you know if there is transfer students programs for middle school students in London too ? Thanks , Kym

      • Hi, I’m going to a boarding school in England next year (I live in Florida right now but I’m from Germany). I’m really nervous because the reason I’m going is more because I have to rather than because I want to. I’m most nervous about getting a roommate and living with other people, do you have any tips for getting used to living with roommates? I’ve also had my own bathroom and closet all my life so I think the transition will be pretty difficult for me.

        • Honestly, we know it can be scary, but don’t focus on the little things too much. You will usually end up stressing over the little things that in a few months won’t even be a thought in your mind anymore. The best thing to do is think about the adventure and experience and friends your going to make. All the choices and amazing experiences awaiting you. I understand that you’re nervous, I’m sure we all were, but hopefully it is more of an exciting nervousness. When it comes to living with a roommate, just remember to be open minded and very friendly. They usually end up being one of your best friends at school. Another good thing to think about, is that your roommate is most likely just as nervous as you are, everyone entering your class or going to that boarding school is going through the same thing, and trust me when you guys get there you’ll get through it together, and in the process make so many life long friends.

          Hope this helps!

          – The Boarders Blog

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