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The main thing that fuels our blog, is the ideas and experiences we’ve learned from that we think would be helpful to share with you. However, everyone has different experiences and situations they are dealing with in high school. Our advice page is a place where you can leave questions, concerns, or even aspects of boarding/high school that you would like us to address. So go ahead, ask a question, and we’ll do our best to answer!

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  1. Hello, I’m from Brazil and I am fourteen years old. I am really willing to be a student at a bording school, but I can’t find information about exchange students programs at boardings, pleaaaaase, help me!!!! Sorry for the errors, English isn’t my native language…

  2. Hi! I really want to go to boarding school in Israel (a 10 hour flight from my home) and my mom is totally for it. However, my dad is totally against it. I already presented the ideas to them about why I want to go and made sure that I stressed the reasons that my parents would want me to go, too. But my dad is still against it. While the education of the school will be amazing, he doesn’t want me to leave the home because I’m his daughter and he didn’t have me just to let me live in another country for high school. What should I do???


  3. Hiya,
    I would love to go to boarding school, as my current one does not challenge me. My mum, however, can get sick sometimes and can be quite dependant on me (although she likes to pretend otherwise). My dad is a weatherman and works shifts, so he is not always around. I do have a younger sister, but she does not help out around the house so much. I would love to go to boarding school, because I really love learning, but do not know if it would be best for my family. Any help?

    P.s. We would struggle to afford it, although I am pretty confident that I could get a scholarship.

  4. Hi there!

    I’d really like to go to boarding school but i’m having a hard time convincing my parents. I recently wrote them a 3 page letter stating why I should go to boarding school but they haven’t talked to me about it. I just really want to escape from my house! I live in New Zealand and there are some pretty good boarding schools here. Do you have any tips on convincing my parents?

    By the way, I love your blog!

    Hattie x

  5. HI there. I was wondering wether you could do some tips on what else you can do to convince your parents to let you go to boarding school. Tomorrow i am going to show my parents the presentation i made on my laptop. My problem is my parents are divorced making the decision harder on everyone i also live down in the southern hemisphere down in NZ (New Zealand). My parents seem to have a hard time working out why i would even want to go away from my college in my town (that is tiny) when all i really want is to live in a city so that there is better opportunitys. Because my nettball team sucks in my whole entire swim club there is 3 people including me and on top of that i play violin and cello and i desperatly need a better teacher. sorry for the spelling and stuff i am typing fast, but HELP ME PLEASE!!!!
    Thanks Gaby

  6. Can you tell me a little bit about Ojai, Morgana? I heard you were featured in the Ojai paper, so I thought you would know a lot about it. Thx! xoxox ;) xD

    p.s: really big fan of your blog!!!1!11!

  7. Hi, I was just wondering about whether or not any of y’all were anxious about leaving home? I am rather close with my parents as they are with me, and because I live in Texas, all the boarding schools are several hours away, at least. I very much want to go to boarding school for high school, but worry about being so far away. Please help!

  8. Have you seen! It is a great site that covers boarding schools! You may want to advertise for your site on there or something like that.

  9. I want to go to a boarding school next year but whenever I look them up the only ones that come up are ones for troubled teens. Do you know of any boarding school for people who aren’t troubled? If so can you name a few?

    • In California there is:
      – The Thacher School
      – The Ojai Valley School
      – Villanova Preparatory School
      – Cate School
      – Besant Hill School
      – Dunn School
      – Santa Catalina
      – Stevenson School
      – Midland
      – Webb Schools
      The list goes on! This would be a great website to check out:
      Just click on the state you would most likely want to go to, and conduct your research from there! If the schools are listed as a “college prep school” then you definitely know they are not for “troubled teens.” Another website that can help get you exposed to the many different boarding schools is:
      I would however be careful on this website because it does rank schools and sometimes gives information/statistic that is not completely up-to-date (acceptance rate, SAT/ACT scores, etc). It can give you a different feel of each school. I would recommend using the website to get familiar with the different names, but you should definitely conduct further research elsewhere (on the school’s website etc.) if a school particularly interests you. It’s an exciting time figuring out where you want to be. We wish you well and hope this helps you find the perfect boarding school! :)
      – The Boarders Blog


      SOOOO Many aren’t troubled!!!!!

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