Meet Emma

Hello lovely readers! So, I’m Emma!

Before going to high school, I had only ever lived in Southern California and gone to the same school for eleven years. I was never that prodigy kid who was really good at a certain sport, amazingly artistic, or could sing any note. I was the tone deaf one singing along in the audience. Throughout my elementary and middle school years, I loved doing too many things. I participated in everything from soccer to gymnastics to sign language and art classes. I even signed up for a henna tattoo class one time but forgot to go. It took me a long time to discover the things I’m truly passionate about, and I continue working on it everyday. However, writing and traveling were two things that have become increasingly more important in my life. Fortunately, I was able to discover my strong passion for writing and traveling in seventh grade, so they were able to lead to me to the wonderful school I’m at now, The Thacher School.  Through my vast and sporadic resumé, I’ve discovered my love for dance, drawing, clothing, writing, traveling and plenty of other things. This blog (in addition to being focused on boarding school life) I hope to use as a place to share my many loves in life with the world, as I continue to learn, grow, and experience.

Xoxo, Emma


3 thoughts on “Meet Emma

  1. Hi Emma,

    I’m currently in the process of finishing my application for a boarding school and I’m taking my SSAT in December. To be honest, I’m scared because I hadn’t done anything like this. I have alway went to public schools my whole life. My mother doesn’t even know that I applying to boarding schools. Not because that I’m hiding all of this from her but not to let her hopes get high if I don’t get in. So I’m asking what tips and advices would you give to me? And tips on acing the SSAT? Lastly, how do I make myself stand out and unique when I do my interview for the school? Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S. You are living my dreams and I hope to experience the boarding life too. You are the best!

  2. How do boarding school and the dorms work? Is the work there as hard as a regular private school? Do you make new friends easily and will there be anyone to help/guide you through the school?

    • Hi Kelly!
      Sorry it has taken be so long to get back to you. So happy to hear you are interested in boarding school. First I want to say that every boarding school is different, and that any student from a different school might have slightly different answers to your questions. So, I’ll will answer your questions to the best of my ability, but just keep in mind that it may vary from other schools. In general, boarding school academics are at the same level as most private schools or higher. Like any regular private school, school can be as hard as you make it, meaning depending on the classes you take it, school could be an easy ride or seem like an impossible mountain. I will say at Thacher particularly, the academics can be pretty difficult, but students take what they think they can handle. Boarding schools (for the most part) have really great academic programs and are able to challenge you. Aside from the fact that boys and girls are separate, the dorm set ups are different for every school. At Thacher, there is a dorm for the boys and girl of each grade (ie. freshmen boys, freshmen girls, sophomore boys, etc.) Although, we (like many boarding schools) have senior prefects. Each dorm has about five prefects, who are seniors that help you through school, life, friends, etc. We are each assigned to five different prefect groups and we will hang out, eat food, celebrate birthdays, and talk about life. During your freshmen and sophomore year, they are especially helpful, and they act like your big sister or something. Your prefect group becomes immediate friends and can feel like family. Boarding schools try to have all the students feel like they always have someone to talk to or turn to with issues, whether it’s your prefect, dorm head, advisor, or teacher. From my experience, all of my friends have definitely have at least one or two people that they really trust. Faculty and administrators at boarding schools are used to forming close relationships with students, and it’s encouraged. Prefect groups are also an easy to way to make friends, but when you’re living with everyone, you can make friends with a lot of other people, too! Thacher is a pretty small school so I know just about everyone’s first and last name and most of the girl in my form are pretty close. I do know that at some schools, dorms are still separated by sex, but each dorm is mixed with all grades, which encourages inter-grade friendships. :) I hope this helps answer some questions, and don’t hesitate to ask more! Thanks for stopping by our website! xoxo Emma

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