Meet Elizabeth

Hello World!

This is me introducing myself to all of you lovely people. So here it goes. I was born in Vancouver, Canada. My parents and I lived there for three years. Then in 2001 my sister came into the world. Together, the four of us moved back to my parents’ origins, Beijing, China. My parents wanted to be closer to my grand parents and to learn about Chinese culture. I then lived in Beijing from the age of three to the age of fourteen. I love the city so much, it is so diverse and it excites me everyday. One day, at a wine tasting, my parents met someone whose son attended Thacher. He introduced the school to me, and I instantly fell in love with it. So I applied, and here I am now, currently a junior. I am having the time of my life here, these four years will be years I treasure. We really hope that this blog will make you feel the same way about boarding school. If you’re already attending boarding school, hopefully this blog will be helpful to you. Thank you!





One thought on “Meet Elizabeth

  1. Did you go to international school in Beijing? Because I just left ISB (international School of Beijing) for California as well, and I am applying for Choate.

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