15 True Facts for Any Boarding School Student

15 True Facts for Any Boarding School Student

  1. You have to teach your friends how to do their own laundry and slowly shake your head, as they don’t know their delicates and darks.
  2. You have to explain that your parents still love you.
  3. Other people don’t understand your comfort with nudity/changing clothes in front of each other. You desperately miss your familial relationship with your last roommate.
  4. Two minute showers? Easy. You’ve learned how to shampoo, condition, wash, and shave with time to spare before formal dinners.
  5. Making your bed isn’t enforced, it’s habit. (Or storing clothes that you haven’t hung up yet underneath the comforter—that’s another habit).
  6. Get dressed for a formal event? Heels, dress, tights, hair and make-up? No problem, it takes you about 5 minutes tops. Guys? They’re professional bow-tiers.
  7. You wonder how people don’t know the difference between who and whom by now.
  8. You’ve probably had lice. And you’re probably an expert at eradicating it by now. That goes with the common cold (Day/Nyquil), sprained ankle (Ibuprofen and ankle wrap), and cough (throat soother, sleep, and sympathy from your teachers).
  9. When people assume you must live a wild life of freedom and partying like in the movies, you have to explain the very true and tame reality of same-sex dorms, check-in, and zero tolerance policies.
  10. #9 doesn’t even matter because you know you can have way more fun with any of your friends than people who need house parties and BYOB policies can.
  11. You’re an amateur hair stylist—both cutting and styling.
  12. You have a good amount of international friends and probably know of at least one house in every major US city you can stay in if you ever choose to visit.
  13. The librarian is yours and everyone else’s savior.
  14. Your teachers are like aunts and uncles. You’re their babysitter and dog walker, and you know which teacher cooks the best lasagna.
  15. Nothing feels better than the first night in your home bed. Each subsequent day of vacation is a mix of relief for finally being home with your family and missing your school friends who all live a little too far away.

Okay, this list is probably not entirely true for every student, but it is for me, and I’m positive all boarding school students can at least relate to most of these statements. This also does not mean a day student cannot relate to these; all of us high schoolers have a good amount in common. I just made this list for fun and to share things that can change once you go to boarding school.

Best, Emma! :)

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