Welcome Back!


Hello Readers! We’re back (for good!)

We are back and ready to kick off the beginning of the school year with the first blog post in awhile. We’d like to say hello again and apologize for our absence during (most) of 2014. Too often do we let things pile on our desk and become more creative with our excuses than we do determined with our ventures. For us, sophomore year proved to be much busier than we expected, and we were allowing this blog to collect dust for too long as we handled homework and extra-curricular activities. We are, however, very encouraged to jump start this second chapter of our blog and invite you to join us. We have plans to no longer let this slip through our fingertips and can assure you more posts soon.

Here’s an update on the past several months: Morgana and Elizabeth continue to thrive at our lovely boarding school The Thacher School. In fact, they have just returned from our school’s bi-annual camping trip, so I’m sure at least one of them will have a story to write about from their trip. I (Emma), on the other hand, have taken a year off from my school to attend School Year Abroad (SYA) in France. Morgana has posted an article regarding studying abroad in the past, and I can assure you I will expand upon this topic in the near future if that is of interest to anyone. I will be spending the entirety junior here (I arrived last weekend) and am very excited to see the potential this trip will have on our blog and the different aspect it will add.

With new directions in mind, we’d like to renew and refocus the purpose of our blog. Now that we are re-launching our blog in hope of reaching a broader audience and to allow ourselves more freedom with our posts, we would like to officially state that our blog is not solely regarding boarding school. We will now focus our blog on more general themes such as life as a student—one who’s constantly striving for improvement and exploration into the larger world. This will allow my studying abroad to fit more closely to our content and Elizabeth and Morgana can, too, enjoy freedom with writing about things which interest them and require attention. Of course, we will always continue to post information and advice regarding boarding schools, as it is in our title, and we believe it is important to give people and accurate understanding of this misinterpreted lifestyle. As always, we love hearing from our readers; we encourage conversation so please, if you have questions, suggestions, or even advice, please visit our comments sections and share. We believe in disseminating accurate information and would appreciate any help you feel you could offer.

With that said, you can expect more posts shortly. Bientôt! See you soon! :)

Emma and the Boarders.

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