Happy Valentine’s Day!

So it’s that time of year! Love is in the air, couples are overly affectionate, and the single people… are well… single. But contrary to popular belief, single people can still have fun. Sure Valentine’s day is all about love, but since when was having to date someone a requirement to be happy on Valentine’s day?

There are so many more types of love than just the love for the person your dating! To be honest, I myself started the day off a little sad and disappointed that I had no one to share this day with; but then I received a bouquet of flowers from my dad, and I’m not going to lie, at first I thought it was a little pathetic. I thought, it was pretty sad if the only flowers I get today were from my dad… But hey! The flowers are beautiful, and who said the only way to be happy on Valentine’s day was by getting flowers from a guy who liked you? Last time I checked I love my dad, and the flowers put the biggest smile on my face. I’m so happy my dad sent me those flowers, and later that day I checked my mailbox to the surprise that my friends had also sent me roses. Later on I was a little disappointed in myself for thinking that I had to be sent roses to actually realize the amount of love I had in my life. All of us are loved, it might not always be by a significant other, but we will always have people that support us, defend us, and will always love us; and the day to recognize that shouldn’t be overshadowed by the relationships we lack, it should be celebrated by the relationships we possess. Valentine’s day is a day that should make you realize all the love you have in your life, not make you feel the absence of it. On top of that, Valentine’s day is a time to spread the love! It’s nice to recognize the abundance of love in your life, but you should also remind the ones around you that they are loved. There are so many ways to show your friends and family that they will always have you as one of the many loves in their lives.

1. Send them a card

One of the easiest ways to express your love, is through a handwritten card. I realize we’re all busy and don’t have time blah blah blah, but there’s no better way to show you care then through a heart felt handwritten letter instead of the generic cards you can buy at the store. Every love is unique and it’s nice thing to show the other person that, and let them now that your bond is especially unique.

Of course some kinds of love, especially friendship, are best expressed cards with hidden inside jokes; especially the tumblr kind.


(I told you I have a thing for Teen Wolf… especially Stiles)

2. Roses

Of course I didn’t forget roses! The most typical form of Valentine’s day gift. Probably why I put it as second, unless it’s your significant other it’s a little predictable but still a great gift to receive  nonetheless!

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 4.52.08 PM

These are the flowers my father sent me, I really enjoyed the colorful flowers as it adds something to the bouquet and puts a little spin on the traditional, stereotypical red rose.

3. Candy

Candy is always a cute gift, and one that you can buy in bulk so you can truly spread the love to everyone! When it comes to friends, funny candy hearts are the way to go. It keeps the traditional theme of Valentine’s Day, but adds comedy to it, and not to mention you can eat it. It’s a win win, a funny joke that makes you life, as well as a delicious treat. Not to mention chocolate is also a very good idea.


4. BAKE!

When in doubt, bake it out. No matter what, baking is always the way to go. Everyone loves food, especially baked goods. I mean come on, I shouldn’t have to convince you anymore.


If you have any more ideas comment below, or just tell us how your Valentine’s Day went!

Yours Truly,


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