Day to Night: Outfit Ideas (Winter Edition)

Hello Readers,

First of all, I hope all of you are having a wonderful break. In spirit of the winter season, I decided to style a few outfits to show you what I would wear on a typical winter day. Hopefully, these outfits will inspire some of your very own outfits. Below are two ensembles, one from the day when I was out and about then one from the night, which has a formal bent. Without further ado, here is what I wear from day to night on a Californian winter day (sorry east-coasters, just assume that I’d naturally add a down jacket on top of everything!)




Thick scarf—Zara

Nails—Essie: A List

Rings—Flee market back home


Leather/Faux Fur Jacket—Zara: Perfect for California weather during the winter season

Shirt—Brandy Melville: Warning: The arm holes go all the way down to my waist, I wore a cute bandeau with it.

High waisted jeans—Pacsun (Christmas sale, buy 1 get 1 free. Hoping that this is still going on by the time y’all see this.)Image

Boots (as seen from my latest “Outfit of the Week” post.)—Alexander Wang: Very warm and versatile.


This is the ensemble I wore to dinner with my parents. It is my take on a formal outfit for this season. A lot black, it was a texture-over-color moment.


Sported a red lip with this look. A pop of color.

Disco pants—American Apparel (Several other stores have these as well. I’ve seen them in H&M.)

Velvet & Leather peplum top—Zara


Simple bow necklace—Personal collection, a xmas present from my parental figures.


Graphic Printed Purse—My mother’s. Added this to my attire for a little excitement. My purse is black…

Alright, that concludes my day. Two outfits, one from the day then one from the night. The first getup I would wear around campus. The second is what I would wear to formal dinner. Hopefully this post gives you guys some ideas on winter outfits. Merry belated xmas, and an early happy new year!



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