Outfit of the Week: Elizabeth

Hello wonderful readers! Here is my outfit of the week!



This white cardigan is from American Apparel. It is the softest and warmest thing, perfect for California weather. It’s also very versatile, creates a great ensemble with many other clothing items. I simply wore a black cami underneath because I was feeling lazy this morning.  Below is a closer shot of the rings I paired with my outfit to jazz it up a bit!


Both of these rings are from a local market back home in Beijing. As of now, I am loving silver.


This is a pair of shoes from Alexander Wang. It is made of black leather, has a wood platform and a short heel. My favorite pair of december. Again, it goes with absolutely anything. It is also very protective and keeps your feet nice and toasty, just what you need going into winter!

Oh yeah! I ombred my hair! I felt very adventurous that day and just decided in a whim to dye it. Probably should have given it more thought but whats done is done. :)


have a wonderful day



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