Morgana’s Favorite: Vine

Morning fellow readers!

This week I decided to do my favorite app/social media/website.

I have recently found a new obsession… Vine. I can’t seem to stop watching those addictive little 6 second videos! If you haven’t seen any Vines… it is definitely worth your time to go check it out. So many Vines play up and dramatize every day events to the point where you will find yourself saying “Oh my god… that’s SO me” constantly! Of course there are those Vines that are just hilarious in which you can’t help but crack up; either by their amusing stupidity or just because of the person doing it.

Another interesting repercussion of Vine, is the celebrities it creates. Vine has created an opportunity for the ordinary person to become viral, and get their name know through the world of social media. They basically become something known as “Vine Stars” or “Vine Celebrities.” Once a person becomes really known over Vine, they will sometimes even meet up with other Vine Stars to create these videos. They have even started hosting events such as “Magcon,” in which Vine Celebrities will get together to meet and greet their fans! It’s so interesting seeing how just another aspect of recording and displaying your life to others, has actually created a new form of celebrity; a celebrity that can become famous just by using the camera on his/her phone.


Yours Truly,


P.S. Have any favorite Vine Stars? Comment their names down below!

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