Dealing With Difficult Teachers

There are many difficult aspects of boarding school one has to adjust to in order to venture on in one’s high school career. One of the aspects of boarding school that many struggle with is interactions with teachers. Usually, boarding schools provide you with highly acclaimed teachers; teachers that graduated with high degrees and honors from elite universities. Every students has their individual and distinct way of learning. Obviously, not all teachers are going to model their teaching style to your liking, there are several peers in a class after all. Here are some tips!

1. Contact them, and set up a meeting time: Talk to them about what you are confused about or how you can improve. Do not ever be intimidated or afraid. Communication is the key.

2. Look through your assignment, and study their notes carefully. Eventually you will detect a certain set of things that the certain teacher likes and dislikes.

3. Ask your classmates for tips. Many people might feel the same about that certain teacher. You guys can bond over it and help each other improve in their class.

If there are more tips that any of you have, please reply to this post!

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