Happy Birthday Morgana!/Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy (belated) birthday to our lovely Morgana! We love her and are so thankful for her amazing work on this blog! Because yesterday was her birthday, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity talk about gift ideas and creative ways to celebrate birthdays at boarding school!

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Depending on which boarding school you go to, resources can be very limited. I know at Thacher, we live in Ojai, a very small town with one main street and loads of ranches, farms, etc. It’s beautiful, but very limited, so we must be creative. Last year, for my friends birthday, we went to all the thrift stores and found the most random cheap gifts and decorated her room with it. We somehow found a piñata, so we grabbed candy and strung it up outside of our dorm. Lastly, we baked a cake, which is pretty obvious, but always a good idea! Generally, we bake a cake, brownies, cookies, whatever the person’s favorite is. Recently we baked Oreo/cookie/brownies all in one, and it was DELICIOUS! Here is a recipe, but there are tons of them online. Different ideas can include buying balloons, which we’ve always been able to find at the grocery store or local toy store, and filling their room/floor with them. Other ideas include doing tasks/chores for them. For example, our freshmen year, we all had to ride a horse as a requirement for our school, and every morning we would have to muck the stall. On someone’s birthday, we would let them sleep in and muck for them. At our school, we also have morning jobs, which generally consist of making sure a classroom is clean in the morning (desks and chairs in place, whiteboard clean, etc.), and we might do those for our friend to. Really, anything works! Maybe doing their laundry, or buying them a treat in town are two simple ways to help celebrate. I know for a lot of my friends, we also shop online for the perfect gifts for each other, which is always an option. But if you’re crammed for time, bake a cake or make a huge poster on front of her door, just something to make her feel special. We all like to feel special on our birthday, but sometimes at boarding school, with your family gone, it can go by unnoticed. When it’s my friend’s birthday I’m sure to let every teacher know during class or anyone we’re with really. It embarrasses them, but all part of the birthday fun. I mean we all get embarrassed when the whole class is singing to us, but at the end of the day, isn’t it kind of nice? Tell us some ways you celebrate birthdays down below!

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