Emma’s Favorite: SnapChat!

So, this is a little different than the past “My Favorite” posts we’ve had. I was trying to think of a song, movie, show, etc. that I wanted, to write about, but couldn’t think of anything specific. I decided I’d change it up a bit, and choose my favorite app.

Currently, my favorite/most used app is SnapChat. Now, I know SnapChat has been around for a while and for many people, it’s nothing new. Even though it’s very popular, I still thought it  deserved a shout out. Generally, I don’t use it very much while I’m at school, but now that I’m home on Thanksgiving break, I’ve become re-obsessed with it. I find that each time I go back home, the craze just starts all over again. In my opinion, the app is an ingenious design. Now that all of my friends and I are in our own homes, we must use technology to stay connected. SnapChat, by far, is my favorite way. Using photos helps keep the conversation personal without having to deal with internet problems during Facetime or actually sending photos of each other back and forth, which will be forever existing for years to come on your friend’s phone. In addition, I know I’m not the only one who struggles with sarcasm when typing or not being able to correctly convey your tone of voice—maybe you sound too serious, or mad, etc. But when using photos, you can just have your face convey the message without confusion. You can even take a video as a response. Again, I’m sure a lot of you know how the app works, but I thought it was worth recognizing. It’s always a really successful way to stay in touch with friends back home when you return to boarding school. All in all, I think it’s a great app, that I’ve enjoyed immensely lately!

Always, Emma

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