Emma’s Outfit of the Week

Hey readers! So here’s my (slightly belated) outfit of the week!

So, I know it’s getting colder for some of us as we approach winter, but I still chose this outfit, because I really wanted to wear a dress for outfit of the week. That might seem weird, but I were dresses ALL the time. No matter the weather, a dress is always my go to. When it’s cold, I add tights and a jacket, but basically, I love wearing dresses, so I felt I needed to include a dress in my next post to accurately describe my personal style. Here in Ojai, we’ve been having some lasting warmth as we go into the winter, so this outfit was perfect.


This dress is one of my favorites. I got it this summer from a vintage clothing store, but this sort of floral style has been popular lately, so I’m sure you could find something similar to it, in a larger store. I’m a huge lover of old things, especially when it comes to clothing, so naturally I have a slight vintage obsession. When I wear old clothing, I feel like I’m rediscovering parts of the past. I really enjoy using the different pieces I find and renewing them to fit into the current fashion scene. Don’t be afraid to alter any of your findings to fit your style or make them more comfortable. When I bought this dress it was ankle-length, and the sleeves were long and hit awkwardly just above my elbow. After some quick cutting, it’s turned into one of my staple sunny-day-dresses.


I’d have to say the fit-to-flare look is definitely my favorite shape for any dress. I love the simplicity and how easily it flatters. I think they’re a great way to add a little fun and flirtatiousness to your wardrobe without being over the top. For this look, I’ve gone with minimal accessories—partly, because I was running late in the morning and partly because this outfit really didn’t need it. I think I’m wearing a couple rings, but that’s it. I decided to keep it simple, which helped my look stay casual.


These shoes are also one of my favorites. Like my dress, I wear them all the time, too. They go with anything! From a dress, to shorts, to pants, they add a little sass with the heel, but nothing too much to overwhelm the outfit. I don’t know what specific brand they are, but I got them at Urban Outfitters last fall. And although it was a warm day in Ojai, I do love including knit items into my wardrobe as it gets colder. These off-white socks I bought in a small package of knit socks at Forever 21 last winter. They are the perfect socks for any boots! Not only do they look adorable sticking out of shoes, but they also are perfect to wear under taller boots, too. I definitely recommend them.

Well, that’s it for my outfit, this week. As usual, if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please leave us a comment or shoot us an email! Thank you for checking out a site, and please spread the word about us! Always, Emma

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