Morgana’s Favorite Movie of the Month

Morning readers!

I know we’ve already had a favorite song and TV show… so to carry on the trend, but also keep up the element of surprise, I decided to do my favorite movie. Now being at a boarding school doesn’t really leave us much time to go out and see movies. I know, big surprise, we’re always behind on the big blockbuster. But because of that, I find myself watching more independent films, and really focusing on directors or specific actors I really enjoy watching. So for my favorite film I’ve chosen my own personal all time favorite *Hold for suspense* Amélie!

Amélie is a french foreign film shot in the heart of ParisMontmartre. There are SO many reasons I love this film! First of, it’s shot in France, and my second language is French! It is also shot in Montmartre, where my family just happens to own a small apartment that I stay at every other summer. Apart from the personal connection, the way this film is directed and shot is amazing. The lighting and use of color holds the attention of the viewer even after the credits have finished rolling. This movie is so magical. It takes place in a more modern day France, but still holds the foreign and romantic aspect of the whole French culture that we foreigners love so much. Trust me, you will love it. There is also this fun, light, and goofy aspect to the film that makes it so interesting to watch. The main actress in this film is also Audrey Tautou, who plays Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel in Coco Before Chanel. So the next time you’re looking for a movie to watch… I highly recommend this one. I promise, you won’t ever regret watching it. And hey, even if you don’t like it (which will most likely not happen), you can impress all your friends with your new foreign movie knowledge. :)


Yours Truly,


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