Decorating Your Dorm Room

You see, freshmen year my roommate and I were SET on the idea of having the best dorm room. Now the thing is with a dorm room, you want to decorate in a way that reflects your personality, attracts people, and is also cozy to live in. Now there are a lot of ways you can switch up your dorm, .

How to Have the Best Dorm Room Ever:

1. Move your furniture around.

You’re going to want to maximize space as much as you can. Try to create a big open space somewhere in your room. This will attract visitors, friends, and even make it easier for you to navigate around your room. One of the most common ways to do this is by creating “a cave.” This is when you raise your bed up so high that it is basically a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. The cave part comes in due to the fact that by doing this you’ve now created a mini cave in which you can put in your desk or a nice couch/bean bag chair.

2. Switch up your furniture.

Replace some of the old dorm furniture with newer more modern pieces. For example, that old desk chair? That could definitely be switched out for a nice solid black rolling one. I’m not saying you need to drop $200 dollars on this chair… I’m just saying even bringing one up from your house or buying one at Target can make a difference. Adding colorful nightstands can also jazz up your dorm room. Depending on the color scheme of your space, you’re most likely going to want to go with a solid colored night stand. White is always the safest bet, because it goes with every color and adds a nice modern feel to your room.

3. Pick a theme.

Picking a theme for your dorm is not a HUGE decision, it is generally a decision made unconsciously. By having a theme doesn’t all of a sudden mean you need to decorate EVERY aspect of your room to match it. It just helps you add little thing here and there to tie your room together.

Some example themes:

The British Theme

The British Theme is actually pretty easy to do, first of all, a British flag would be necessary. But this theme gives you room for fun ideas to be made all around your room. You could get a teapot and use it as a pencil holder on your desk. You could get Telephone booth mugs. Even adding “Keep Calm and…” posters, add to this theme. You could even color your room with the British flag colors in mind, making your bed white with red pillows, getting a red nightstand with a blue lamp, a white rug, and a blue desk chair.

The Tumblr Theme

The Tumblr Theme is pretty simple, you basically make your room as indie as possible. Nothing defines a Tumblr room more than hanging christmas lights. In order to complete this theme, those are a necessity. To go for this theme, you basically just browse Tumblr collecting all the ideas you like and translate them to fit into your space. Indie band posters (preferably ones you actually listen to), and posters with empowering quotes are a great way to add to this theme.

The Artsy Theme

The Artsy Theme is one that develops over time. Whether you’re into photography, painting, sculpture etc. The Artsy Theme is one that develops around your artwork. But just as well, there are a lot of cool things you can do with this theme. If you’re in to photography, decorating your room with vintage cameras and hanging up your own photographs and other famous ones is a good way to embody this theme. For painting you could use a canvas that you paint with a background you enjoy as a bulletin board. You could hang up your artwork, and even replace some of the furniture with white furniture that you splatter paint, spray paint, or even intricately paint designs on. There are a lot of things you could do with The Artsy Theme that force you to use your creativity quit a bit.

The themes are endless!

My freshmen year my roommate, Emma (a different Emma), and I chose to do a vintage theme. I brought my record player and records and put them by the door, on our desk we put my typewriter, and on top of our dresser we put vintage cameras and vintage coke bottles. Around our room we filled the walls with disposable camera photos and polaroids as well as artwork and old photographs of Ojai. You see… that was our room during the day. At night time we created an alter ego for our room in which we called it “Midnight City.” It was basically our own personal club. We’d turn on the record player, get out the mini air hockey table, we installed a disco ball, and brought purple christmas lights to decorate our ceiling. This my friends, definitely attracted people. We always had people in our room, and it was always fun hosting visitors.


Midnight City

Yours Truly,


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