How to handle workload at boarding school

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a bomb day. I was contemplating what I wanted to write about this week whilst feeling extremely stressed about school, so I figured… Why not write about how to manage yourself so that you don’t feel as pressured? I know from personal experience, that life can get VERY busy at boarding school. Not only do you have to worry about academics, but also your social life, dorm life, and living away from home. Having to accustom to all of these aspects and learning to juggle them are two very difficult processes. I am currently a sophomore so I have learnt some lessons on planning you life efficiently. Below are my tips for you:

1. DON’T EVER PROCRASTINATE: Believe me when I say that procrastination is DANGEROUS. When at boarding school, teachers like to challenge you by giving you an assignment earlier. One then thinks that they have eons before this assignment is due, thus dawdles time on TV or games. Suddenly, you realize that the assignment is due the next day. You begin to panic and a huge burden falls upon your shoulders. You have officially fallen into your teacher’s trap. I can not count the amount of times I have done this and turned into a nervous wreck. Promise me that no matter how far away the project is, you will start as soon as possible.

2. DO YOUR HOMEWORK IN ORDER OF YOUR CLASSES ON THE NEXT DAY: Every night, beginning of study hall, I lay my planner on my desk and check what homework I have. For example, on tuesdays I have Math then English then… I will complete Math homework than move on to my English reading. This strategy comes in handy. For instance, maybe you haven’t finished your Chemistry homework by the end of study hall. No need to worry! Turns out that Chemistry isn’t until later tomorrow, hence you can finish your homework in an earlier free period! Hallelujah! This master plan will prevent you from being stressed.

3. MAYBE YOU ARE BITING OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW: When you begin to feel stressed increasingly frequently, that means you are most likely biting off more than you can chew. At boarding school, the amount of activities and classes you can participate in are unlimited; that does not mean that you should or need to do all of them. It is a lot better to focus on a small amount and excel in that as opposed to do everything poorly. I know that college counselors and your parents tell you to participate in as much as you can because that will look impressive, as true as that is, we do not have super powers. There is only so much that one can do and the sooner you accept that, the sooner boarding school will become a more relaxing place.

4. GO SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN YOUR ROOM: For some reason every time I study in my room I always get distracted by either a friend, my computer, or screaming outside my door. This is partially because your mind associates your room with not only your studies, but everything else you do in it. Hence when you only want to study, the mind will tell you otherwise. It is best to find another quiet spot where you can study. You don’t even have to be alone, sometimes a buddy can help out too. The important part is to have a location where your mind tells you to study, and only study :)

5. STUDY BUDDY: Studying alone is not always the best way to go, at times it is, at times it’s not. I have a study buddy who is in both Chemistry, English, and Math with me. If we have a unit test or chapter quiz the next day, I always pop in her room an hour before study hall ends and we do practice problems together. I find this extremely helpful, because then, we can compare answers and if one of us is incorrect the other can fix and teach the other the right way. Or if we have an essay due, the two of us walk up to the library with our laptops and crank it out. I suggest this person not be a close friend, because you will find yourselves gossiping and not focusing on work. Pick someone who you are not that close with, being study buddies will make you closer and she can become the person that keeps you on track.

Alright, these are all my tips for handling workload at boarding school! Hope they help you out! I love you all :)



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