Outfit of the Week: Morgana

Morning readers!

So… it’s about that time of year when fall is just ending, and the air is starting to get significantly colder… yes, even in Ojai, California. Now I’m not sure about the rest of you, but personally, I’m a big fan of sweater weather. I’m a huge fan of thrifting, and I’m always looking for opportunities to show of my new finds.

This week I chose a warm but pretty fall/winter transition outfit. You know what I mean? Eh, you probably don’t, I’ll explain it a little better. Basically I chose the sweater because it’s very wintery and were just starting to head into that season so I thought it would be a great way to welcome it! I went with burgundy pants to kind of symbolize fall and and so I put it together to make it both fall and winter together… you get it? I sound like a fashion dork now who puts way to much thought into there outfit… Like who’s going to analyze my outfit like that when they see me walk by? Most likely no one… but hey, I know it, and that’s all that matters. :)


Like I said I’m a huge thrift store fan, they always have such cute oversized or themed sweaters. Now you already know why I chose that top and bottoms, but I decided to add the scarf because it gives the outfit a little bit more of a winter effect. And plus, it was pretty cold that day, so that was a double bonus.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 2.31.46 AM

Now, I know that this scarf is most likely just kind of like abstract diagonal black, white, and gray lines, but I like to think it’s zebra print. Zebra print is my favorite, and if you ever looked into my schoolbag you would definitely be able to tell. I covered my planner in zebra print duck tape and carry around zebra print folders. Another reason I wear this scarf is that I’m one of those people that believes in wearing your favorite color or favorite print for good luck. Therefore I try to wear green or zebra print pretty often. I’ve done that for so long now that I actually just incorporate these things into my daily wardrobe unconsciously now.

Another reason I chose this sweater is because it’s probably one of my favorites due to the fact that I’m a HUGE Christmas fan (which is weird because my family doesn’t really celebrate it… I have so many siblings who are all mainly in college now so it just gets to be a pricey and hectic holiday… but I still love it). Anyways, every time I look at the snowflakes on this sweater, it reminds me of Christmas. :)

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 2.31.34 AM

For shoes I went with the classic Dr. Martens. I wear these shoes nearly all the time, they’re one of my favorite pair. Unbelievably, I’ve only had them for about three months now. I know, they look a lot older, I just wear them all the time so they’re pretty worn in. But I pretty much have an obsession with Docs. My first pair are actually an outrageous white with felt zebra print all over it. They’re pretty sick. But I enjoy the black because they go with everything, and give every outfit that grunge, kind of classic rock n’ roll vibe. But seriously… I could talk about Docs for hours, there are so many pairs I want that it’s insane. They’re just so beautiful and so comfy!!!

Yours Truly,


Outfit List:


– Snow Flake Sweater: Bought at an Ojai thrift store/around $5

– Zebra Scarf: France/$10

– Burgundy Pants: BCBG/$25

– Camping Socks: Ojai Surplus/$10

Dr. Martens: Journeys (In L.A.)/$130

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Zhang

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