Roommates… Should I have one?

Alright, so I know I’m a day student, but from the first day of school people are always wondering and thinking about someone they could room with in the years to come. Now at Thacher you’re never forced to room with anyone. You could have a single for all four years if you wanted. But by being a day student, freshmen year I already had a roommate. All the day students at Thacher are given one room to share, but luckily for me there was only one other day student. The interesting thing about my rooming situation is that I didn’t get to choose my roommate. I had to like her, and avoid conflicts, and petty fights if I wanted this year to work out. Despite not knowing her, and being thrown into this situation, we made it work. And somehow she ended up being a perfect roommate, and we’re still rooming till’ this day. :)

By being a Day Student, I got to see the rooming process from the inside, but still from an outsider’s point of view. Now trust me, being a few months into Freshmen year and ALREADY making plans and deciding who you’re going to room with is NOT a good idea. Trust me. The way you feel, the friends you have, the thing you like, your music, and even your style, can ALL change in a matter of months! The people you’re hanging out with at the beginning of the year will most likely not be the be your go to bestie at the end of year. Another reason deciding who you’re going to room with earlier on is a bad idea, is that it cuts other people off. The girls that might of wanted to room with you, or haven’t found a friend to make those plans with might feel left out and isolated. Your dorm should be like one big family, and making this decisions early on draws rigid lines around a friend group you’re not even sure you’ll be in in a few weeks. At the beginning of the year it’s always best to get to know everyone, and include everyone! Big decisions like that can wait. What’s important at the beginning of the year is bonding with your dorm and class, because trust me, this is four years you won’t want to miss out on.

Eventually… the time does comes when you need to find a roommate, or just want one. But… what makes a good roommate? Well here’s a list I’ve put together from personal experience to help you figure it out. ;)


1) You guys want to be friends, but not BEST friends. Make sure this is a person you get along with but you don’t spend your time with 24/7. You still want to have that light fun friendship aspect, not for you guys to become siblings. One issue with rooming with your best friend is that you eventually reach a point where you spend TOO much time together, which lead to fights… and eventually leads to you guys separating rooms. And this is a terrible reason to have a huge unnecessary battle with your homie or even end your friendship!

2) When it comes to neatness… you want to make sure you guys are on the same level. NOTHING’S worse then having a sloppy roommate. Sure, they can be a great friend and someone you see a lot and enjoy spending time with… but just DON’T make them your roommate. And same goes vice versa! If your style of organization is in that laid out around the room kind of a thing… don’t have a roommate that’s a neat freak. Trust me, eventually this person will drive you INSANE! Eventually the mess, or the constant comments on your side of the room will get to be too much. And again, this will most likely lead to your separation.

3) Make sure to have roommate that has close to the same schedule as you. Nothing’s worse then when you’re trying to go to sleep, but your roommate is one of those people that reads or does homework late into the night and has to keep the light on. For this reason, make sure you find someone with the same inner clock as you. Someone that likes to go to bed around the same time, or someone who likes to work late into the night with you. Find someone who wakes up around the same time you do, or even if she doesn’t, you still find a way to make it work.

I know it sounds like there’s a lot of effort that goes into picking a roommate, but if you just keep these key points in mind you’ll find the perfect one for you. And trust me, when you find the right roommate, it’ll just click; because nothings better then going into another year of high school, then with someone right by your side. :)

Yours Truly,


2 thoughts on “Roommates… Should I have one?

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