Outfit of the Week: Emma

Hey lovely people!

So every Thursday, each of us is going to upload our Outfit of the Month. You can get to know us and our style a bit better. Depending on the boarding school you go to, your outfit choices may be limited depending on the amount of closet space you get. Luckily, at Thacher, we have a good amount of space :), but if you don’t have a lot of room, I recommend brining the clothes you need according to the weather, then exchanging some when you go home on breaks! It’s a great way to organize your clothes because when you bring some back, they’ll feel new! At our school, people dress however they want because we don’t have uniforms. Some people stick to the good ol’ “pants, t-shirts, sneakers, and go!” look, but some people prefer to dress up a little more and express their fashion.

This week I chose a pretty casual look with a little heal to add some sass. Sass? Is that the right word? I’m not sure—I’m still learning. Either way, I’m a fan of the casual small heel for the daytime. In Ojai, it’s been getting pretty cold, so this is a nice fall/winter look to keep warm.


Photography Credit: Elizabeth

I love taking slightly cropped sweaters with jeans, because it makes legs look longer, and paired with a little heel makes for the perfect deceptively long look. This is a pretty easy outfit to recreate. The tiger on the sweater just as a little more business to keep this look from being too simple. I also am a HUGE fan of any top with a boat (wide) neck. I think it’s very flattering and, I don’t know, it’s just a personal favorite.

Again, credit to Elizabeth.

Again, credit to Elizabeth.

I’m in love with these shoes. I’ve had them or a little over a year. They’re Steve Madden, and you can wear them with so many different things! Jeans always look great with them, but you can even pair them with a cute dress to give a little more edge. My friend’s pulled them off with black high-waisted shorts, even.  Seriously, they are magical or something.

As usual, I kept my hair pretty simple. In the photo, you can only see my shortest layers, so it might look a little weird, but I just air-dried it and brushed it out. As for my jewelry, I decided to stack a couple bracelets and added rings to play up my look a little bit.

Thank you, Elizabeth, once again.

Thank you, Elizabeth, once again.

My watch I got from Urban Outfitters for about $25, I think. The band is pretty low quality because  the underside with all the holes gets torn up with wear-and-tear very quickly. Nonetheless, you can’t see it from the top, so I still wear it everyday. I never wore watches before boarding school, but I’ve found it very useful to keep track of time because we aren’t allowed to carry our phones everywhere. The silver bracelet on the far left I actually got as a gift, it has the latitude and longitude coordinates of my hometown engraved on it. I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s an awesome gift idea to anyone who knows someone at a boarding or someone who moved away. The brown bracelet is a bunch of small wooden skulls and the silver is just a beaded elastic bracelet. The top bracelet on my left hand is actually called a “mourning ring.” My mom and I have a terrible obsession with old things, and this ring is from the Victorian Era and was made in honor of a deceased loved one. There’s a bit of hair from the person braided throughout the ring, and their birthdate March 7, 1893 is written on the inside. I love knowing stories behind my jewelry. I think rings and bracelets can be great ways to play up a simple outfit and add interesting detail. I’m one of those people who wears jewelry almost everyday, even though it’s mostly the same stuff. The jewelry I’m wearing in this picture is all of  my go-to’s in the mornings.

Thank you for checking out our site! Comeback and check up on all of our latest stuff and tell your friends about us!

Always, Emma

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