A Day in My Life: Emma

Hey World! So, I’m Emma, or Emma Robertson, if you want to be formal.

I’m really bad at introductions. I never quite know what to say, and I always end up rambling. I can’t wait to get this blog up really going! I know I have tons of ideas for this blog, so don’t give up on us! To continue like my two fabulous friends have done already, here’s a day in my life. Actually, here’s Thursday of last week for me.

Like Elizabeth, I’m a boarder at the Thacher School. A day in the life of me is pretty long. I’m the kind of person who takes forever to do homework and spreads herself slightly too thin with extracurriculars, so I always feel like I’m catching up. I’m also a pretty impressive procrastinator as well, so I tend to scramble last minute to get my school work in on time. Because of this, I tend to wake up around 6, plus or minus a half hour or so. I try to keep my mornings productive, whether I’m doing work, working out, or something else.

Me, about to go to school

Me about to go to school

After breakfast, I have my classes, or as it’s called the “Academic Day,” here at our school. Here’s me getting ready to go to my first period French class. Because we live on campus, our dorms are extremely close to the classrooms. I can walk from my bedroom to my French class room in about a minute. #boardingschoollife  Is that weird if I hashtag? It probably is, but whatever. During the day I had gotten an email from our “Student Store” (where we buys snacks and toiletries and school supplies), which said I had received a package, so before heading back to the dorm I grabbed it. Here’s me with the box! Surprisingly, this photo only took one try to get me in the air.  Credit to my friend Kathryn, who’s not on here. The package turned out to be a cute little care package from my parents. They have just returned from Europe, and they sent me a couple gifts from my favorite bookstore. It’s called Shakespeare and Company. I’m don’t konw if anyone else has heard of it it’s famous for being the English bookstore that 20th century writers would live/stay in when they came to Paris. It’s the cutest and most peaceful thing.


Me getting a package

After all my classes I have volleyball practice. I play back row for libero on varsity. Do any of you guys play? I love volleyball because it’s very much of a team sport, and it gives me a chance to make friends with people in other classes, who I might not know as well otherwise. My team is like a family. We’re all silly and crazy together.  Lately, we’ve been listening to and reviewing Miley Cyrus’s new album Bangerz en route to our away games. What are your guys’ thoughts on it? During the winter and spring trimesters, I am on the dance team with Morgana. Dancing is my true love, but I do give it up for one trimester to play volleyball. After sports, we have formal dinner. Formal dinner happens four nights a week, and guys must wear suit and tie, and girls, dresses or dress pants and heels. Although I wish we only had it say three nights a week, I do like the opportunity to get all dressed up. During dinner, we have randomly chosen assigned seating that switches every two weeks, so it’s also an opportunity to get to know everyone at our school. Our school is the type where you know everyone’s name, and everyone says hi to everyone. After formal today, I actually have a debate because I’m in the debate club. I know—I’m kind of a huge nerd. This one is whether or not state’s should be allowed to include the confederate flag on their state flag. I’ve been assigned to argue that they should be allowed to. Generally, during this time after formal, I don’t have anything to do, so I would watch TV. Like, Morgana, I have been geeking out over American Horror Story and Evan Peters—especially Evan. :) Considering he’s dating Emma Roberts, I like to think if I could just drop the “son” from my last name, he could be dating me, too! Being a dedicated fan back to season 1, I couldn’t be more excited to have not only Evan Peters but also Taissa Farmiga back.

This is becoming long, so I feel like I should wrap this up pretty soon. After formal we have study hall, which is the period from 730-930 that we are supposed to dedicate to beginning our homework. Here’s my desk. It’s pretty messy right now, but it has my computer, headphones, two of the books we’re reading in English class, Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider :), and my pencil cup, which also includes the silverware I use while camping and in the dorm. That sounds weird out of context, but it’s a very normal thing at our school to use our camping silverware in the dorm! I know my friends already explained 930-10, so I won’t again, in order to try and keep this post from becoming an essay. During 930-10 I usually hang out with my boyfriend of just over a year. Then at 10, we have check-in, and the rest of my night I either do more homework or hang out with friends.

My desk! :)

My desk! :)

Overall, this is a pretty average day for me. Nothing super exciting, but I really enjoy living here! If any of you have any questions at all about boarding school life, or life at our school Thacher, specifically, feel free to leave a comment! I’d be happy to answer it!


Always, Emma

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    • Thank you so much for checking out our site and your encouraging words! We’re still a start up, so if you know anyone who might be interest, please be sure to let them know. I must say your comment made my day. :) -Emma

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