A Day In My Life: Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth and I am a boarder at the Thacher school. A day in the life of a boarder is hectic and stressful but the funnest and most fulfilling. It starts off with me waking up at 7:30am to my alarm which is Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. Then I set up my morning playlist which currently is Lorde’s new album. I open my closet, pick my outfit depending on Ojai’s capricious weather. I pack my bag according to the classes I have before my first free. Then I am out the door running so I can catch the teacher on duty to check me in before 8:15am. As an underclassman at Thacher, you are required to attend breakfast check-in every weekday at any time from 7:15 to 8:15am. My breakfast is usually a bowl of mini wheats and milk. I sit down with my class and enjoy my bowl of cereal simultaneously socializing with my fellow classmates. This lovely event only lasts for five minutes before everyone starts clearing their food to get to class.


My room after I’ve cleaned it for room inspection


Organizing things so that they look okay

My first class of today is English. We are currently reading Jump. Jump is a collection of short stories written by the phenomenal nobel prize winner, Nadine Gordimer. So far we have read six stories, and in class we discuss the previous night’s reading. My favorite story from this book so far is, Some are Born to Sweet Delight. I highly recommend the book, it promises a good read.


Reading Jump by Nadine Gordimer

Then from 9:15 to 9:55am I have a free period, however part of this free usually goes to meeting with my advisor. At Thacher, all students have a faculty they can go to for advice or help. I talk to him about my social life, love life, academics, sports and so on. Then for the rest of my free, I return to my room, switch out my books, and relax for a while.

Finally, it is lunch time. At 11:30 I leave my things in my room and I head to the dining hall for some food. I wasn’t extremely keen about the food options today, so I made a cinnamon bagel and had some salted almonds. Unhealthy but easy, quick, and delicious.


My lunch

After lunch I have the rest of my classes. At 3:10pm classes end. I return to my room to change, grab a quick bite, then out the door I go to dance. Dance is from 3:35 to 5:00pm everyday. We do a little bit of jazz, modern, ballet, and occasionally we have a class dedicated to stretching.


My amazing friends on point. I am an amateur, who will never be skilled enough to do that.

After dance, I’m all sweaty and disgusting so I hop in the showers to get myself cleaned up. I pick out the dress I shall wear to formal and coordinate the rest of my outfit according to that dress. At 6:10pm a couple of girls and I walk out to the pergola right outside the dining hall. We wait for the staff to open the doors as we socialize amongst our class mates, or check our mailboxes. Every student is assigned a table to sit at, this table changes every three weeks. The purpose of this is so one is given the opportunity to communicate with fellow students that you wouldn’t get to know otherwise.

From 7:30 to 9:30pm we have study hall. This is when all underclassmen sit down in their rooms to work.


My desk, where I study.

At 9pm, I leave study hall early because I have rehearsals for the play. The fall play we are currently working on is, Our Town by Thornton Wilder. The cast is tiny, only fourteen people are acting. Despite that, it is still so much fun. Usually rehearsals last for around 30 minutes, so I still have time to hang out with my friends in the commons. At 10pm we return to the dorm and get checked in for the night by our prefects. All lights have to be out by 11pm. The second my head hits my pillow, I am asleep. That is a day in my life!

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